Our brain is a remarkable and complex organ, yet it doesn’t operate separately from the rest of the body—the two are intrinsically connected.  

The body impacts the mind, the mind affects the body. Although this linkage is the cause of many of our issues, such as stress – the psychological strain that manifests physically as sleep problems, weight gain, or muscle pain, it can also be our route to healing. By gaining control over our minds, we can heal our bodies, and with mastery over our bodies, we can calm our minds.

Take stress, for example, one of the most pervasive issues in our society today. We all experience stress to some degree, yet the way we respond determines the impact on our overall well-being. Stress affects our nervous system and its impacts can trickle down throughout the entire body. When we address the core of stress from a mind-body perspective and use focused, somatic interventions we can live more full-filled and healthy lives.  

Dr. Hanson brings his wealth of experience as a registered psychotherapist and knowledge in neuroscience and somatic psychotherapy to ask we rethink how we regard our bodies and minds, as one, interconnected system.


During the next 3 weeks, you will learn how to:

  • Integrate mind-body techniques 
  • Understand the impact of stress on mental health
  • Navigate and transform stress into success 
  • Utilize your emotional operation system 
  • Incorporate the basic tenets of psychoneurobiology 
  • Adopt effective techniques for managing stress 
  • Embrace embodiment and how to feel better every day

Tanya Clark


Tanya Clark is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary who has always been motivated by the desire to create profound positive change.

Tanya’s entrepreneurial pursuits have consistently focused on health and well-being and has formed health and wellness companies across the globe. The results of the care she provided were profound changes in people’s confidence, personal image, and overall happiness.

Tanya became aware of our modern metropolitan pace and the elevated stress levels in friends, colleagues, and commuters. With her past business pursuits focusing on inner and outer beauty, organic health and nutrition, she knew that people needed more. It was then that her vision was clear.

The result is TLConnection Inc., highly curated live virtual programs that have been styled and designed to help employees deepen their connection to themself, their families, and their co-workers, resulting in better health, better performance and heightened enjoyment of their overall lives.


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