Our bodies are host to billions of foreign organisms, some beneficial, some not. Parasites, commonly found in the bodies of most North Americans, can have various effects on the body and mind. As well as causing digestive issues like diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal pain, some migrate to other organs, leading to organ damage and impairing their normal functions. Additionally, parasitic infections have been linked to fatigue, nutrient deficiencies, and weakened immune systems, which can indirectly impact mental health by causing irritability, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating.

As well as these living invaders, we also host countless chemical toxins that enter our bodies from the environment. When toxins accumulate they can disrupt hormonal balance, impair neurotransmitter function, and increase inflammation, all of which can affect mood and cognition. It’s even known that toxin buildup can contribute to anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. 

By removing parasites and toxins through detoxification processes like liver resets and detoxification protocols we can support our liver function, promote regeneration of liver cells, enhancing the organ and leading to improved digestion, increased energy levels, clearer skin, and better physical and mental health.


During the next 3 weeks, you will learn:

  • The prevalence of parasites in our society and the impact they can have on our body and mind.
  • How parasites can cause localized digestive issues as well seemingly unrelated organ damage and impaired functions.
  • How mental health issues such as irritability, mood swings, and concentration can be affected by the presence of parasites
  • The affect toxins have in disrupting hormonal balance, impairing neurotransmitter function, and increasing inflammation, all of which can affect mood and cognition. 
  • The benefits and methodologies for removing toxins from our bodies.
  • The function of the liver and its interrelatedness to other organ systems
  • How to reset your liver to regain optimal body and mind function 
  • How to self-assess your body to understand your inner world and become your own greatest healer

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    Tanya Clark


    Tanya Clark is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary who has always been motivated by the desire to create profound positive change.

    Tanya’s entrepreneurial pursuits have consistently focused on health and well-being and has formed health and wellness companies across the globe. The results of the care she provided were profound changes in people’s confidence, personal image, and overall happiness.

    Tanya became aware of our modern metropolitan pace and the elevated stress levels in friends, colleagues, and commuters. With her past business pursuits focusing on inner and outer beauty, organic health and nutrition, she knew that people needed more. It was then that her vision was clear.

    The result is TLConnection Inc., highly curated live virtual programs that have been styled and designed to help employees deepen their connection to themself, their families, and their co-workers, resulting in better health, better performance and heightened enjoyment of their overall lives.


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