Having assessed in pillar 1 what we fuel our bodies with and how we can optimize how we function, Dr. Chris begins our session by addressing signs and signals from our body that demand our focus. Only when we are pain-free can we begin to reach beyond our normal levels of activity and strive for a more mobile, dynamic body and mind.

Combining the expertise of both our facilitators, we bring Dr. Chris together with Jana Webb to offer a co-hosted session where we explore true-world case studies. Each facilitator will offer their perspective on how each subject can get the relief they seek, mirroring many of the issues our viewers will experience and move them towards true optimal performance.

Concluding the pillar, we look to Jana, trainer to top athletes across the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and MLS, to explain the importance of the kinetic chain and the mobility and stability of our joints within that system.


During the next 3 weeks, you will learn:

  • How our body mechanics, spinal alignment and flexibility of our soft tissues impact our nervous system
  • The importance of the circulatory system in a functional, mobile body 
  • Specific solutions for case studies selected for our audience to be relevant and relatable
  • The core issues at the heart of these problems and how we can protect ourselves in the future
  • The interconnection between pain and lack of joint mobility and/or stability
  • Different exercises to mobilize and stabilize the joints in the kinetic chain to create more functional range of motion and decrease pain

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    Tanya Clark


    Tanya Clark is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary who has always been motivated by the desire to create profound positive change.

    Tanya’s entrepreneurial pursuits have consistently focused on health and well-being and has formed health and wellness companies across the globe. The results of the care she provided were profound changes in people’s confidence, personal image, and overall happiness.

    Tanya became aware of our modern metropolitan pace and the elevated stress levels in friends, colleagues, and commuters. With her past business pursuits focusing on inner and outer beauty, organic health and nutrition, she knew that people needed more. It was then that her vision was clear.

    The result is TLConnection Inc., highly curated live virtual programs that have been styled and designed to help employees deepen their connection to themself, their families, and their co-workers, resulting in better health, better performance and heightened enjoyment of their overall lives.


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